Wednesday, November 25, 2015

14 Pieces of Personalized Jewelry to Get or Give to your Loved Ones

Every special occasion needs a gift to mark the event and create great memories. Special events include; birthdays, anniversaries, parties, weddings, etc. Name necklaces are very significant pieces when it comes to necklace selection. The reason for this is because they entail a personal name making them very attractive. Sometimes designers go an extra mile and assign the names different meanings making them very appealing.

Below are the 14 pieces of personalized jewelry to give or to get

1. 10k Solid Gold Celebrity Monogram Ring Design - $149.95
 - You can choose up to 3 letters. You can also ask for a date / up to 8 letters engraving inside the ring FREE of charge.

 2. 10k Solid Yellow Gold Arabic Bar Bracelet - $149.95
  - Definitely, this personalized jewelry will complete your bar jewelry obsession. This customized bracelet is also available in 18k Gold Plated.

 3. 14K Solid Yellow Gold 2 Letters Personalized Jewelry - $169.95
  - Surprise your loved one with this classic two letters and heart necklace. You can put the initials of someone you love, or just your favorite letters.

4. Yellow Gold Heart Name Necklace With Sparkling Star - $219.95

 5. 18k Gold Plated Monogram Earrings - $49.95
  - Earrings are one of the favorite accessories for women in terms of jewelry items. The exclusivity of this earring is due to its monogram style and its delicate design appeals to every woman.

 6. 18K Gold Plated Sparkling Diamond Name Necklace - $59.95
   - According to the latest market reports, 18K gold plated jewelry is highly in fashion this year. This design is unique and what makes it even more special is the beautiful and shining diamond sparkle of the pendant.

 7. Silver Sparkling Name Necklace (First & Last Letter) added with a Lower Heart - $59.95
   - The sparking and the beautifully crafted heart elements in this fashion necklace make it more attractive.

 8. 10k Solid Yellow Gold Personalized Initial's Up To 3 Hearts - $139.95
  - This 10k Solid Yellow Gold Up to 3 Initial's hearts makes a terrific gift for any girl who loves hearts and gold.

 9. Heart Engraved Pendant in 18K Solid Yellow Gold - $649.95
  - Love should last forever and with our engraved name necklace with 18K Solid Yellow Gold heart pendant and your name will forever be engraved next to the person who means a lot to you!

 10. Gold Plated Personalized Vertical Name Necklace With Heart - $49.95
  - This high-quality personalized name necklace consists of a stunning vertical pendant incorporating a heart and the name of choice.

11. Family Jewelry -Birthstone Heart Names Necklace - $49.95
  - This personalized name necklace with a birthstone heart comes in a funky design which gives you a chic look when you adorn it.

 12. Engraved Bar Necklace In 18k Gold Plating - $44.95
  - This customized gold necklace with an 18k gold plated bar pendant can contain your name, your lover's name, or a combination of both. You can select up to 2 Names / words.

 13. Sparkling Cut Stud Earrings 18k Gold Plating - $79.95
  - These name earrings are unique and adorable, making them great gifts for your significant other, close friend or a female family member.

 14. Sterling Silver Monogram Font Name Necklace - $34.95


Custom gifts are the best! Personalized Jewelry makes it very easy to ensure that one is able to purchase the best name necklace.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why buy from

When you are looking for a new piece of everyday jewelry, you want something that goes with everything. You want something that says “you,” no matter what else you are wearing. You look for a piece like a name necklace that takes you from the gym to the office to a night out on the town or a dinner date. A necklace is the most personal item of jewelry you can wear or personalized gift you can give. It’s the only thing you don’t have to take off to do normal daily activities, like doing the dishes or washing your hair. But, along with personal, it has to be stylish, like the now-classic Carrie name necklace. Long story short, it has to be special. Special isn’t usually found in the massive, multi-national chains or the clearinghouses that ship around the world in five minutes and have hundreds of every item on hand, ready to go.

What you really want is a place that is paying attention to you and will have or make exactly what you want. Where you know what you got fits you perfectly and is worth the time spent shopping and waiting. Here in USA, the best place to shop for a personalized necklace is This family-owned business has or will make exactly what you want. They take the time to put that something special in the one coming to you and get it to you quickly at a price that suits your budget. They have a wide variety of handmade necklaces that you can personalize with names, crystals, special chains, engraving and more.

At, designs are unique and meant to fit the customer’s ideals. Purchases are secure, delivery is fast and customer service is always available to help at any step of the way. There is a wide variety of individualized jewelry available, from the classic Carrie name necklace, to engraved rings, to earrings for adults and children, all available in any language desired and a price that everyone can afford. Personalized gifts are the best way to mark a milestone or special occasion. Something like a name necklace in someone’s native language that will never go out of style, delivered to their door on their special day will make any loved one grateful. So, next time you are looking for unique jewelry for yourself or a loved one, go to and create a special piece that says exactly what you want. You are guaranteed to get a beautiful handmade result that you know is crafted in Canada with care and will last forever.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monogram Online Jewelry is Both Practical and Convenient Way to Hunt for Jewelry

When it comes to searching for jewelry, particular for something that you really want to have as a gift and doing an online search can certainly be a frustrating experience. When you consider all the jewelers who are online with their many different products it is the type of search that offers so many choices that you may never be able to narrow them down to your satisfaction.


This is why you need a good starting point when it comes to searching for the right jewelry for that special someone in your life. Whether it is your significant other, parent, child or just a close friend, one of the best ways to start your search is with monogram online jewelry.

What is Monogram Online Jewelry?

This is a form of jewelry that is monogrammed with the first letter or first letters of a person’s full name. Monogrammed jewelry has been around for centuries and has been one of the more popular gifts over that time. Whether given to someone else or customized for your own collection, there are many different types of jewelry that can be monogrammed with the initials of the person who will own it.

Necklaces, rings and bracelets are the most common forms of this type of jewelry that are made from different materials including gold and sterling silver. In most cases, the number of letters used is one, two or three which makes a wonderful identification for the person receiving the gift, even if it is for you. Going online to search using this method certainly has its benefits.


Advantages that Monogrammed Jewelry Offers

There are numerous benefits when starting your search with the monogrammed version of jewelry, particularly if you are looking for gifts in terms of your significant other, family member or friend.

Focus: Arguably the main advantage is that you can now really focus your search. There is something universally appealing as the monogram where the letters of the name are artistically done. It not only has great appeal for those who wear the custom necklaces, bracelets and rings, but also those who see them as well.

Beauty: The artistic way in which this type of jewelry is made, particularly with the different letters done in innumerable styles you can really see how beautiful they are. For many, this is the most personal type of jewelry which can be quite attractive.

Variety: Although the letters of the name will seem rather strict, the variety in which they are crafted offers great choices as well. You can choose from very formal letters to those that are done in the old style as well as modern creations.


All in all, starting your search with monogrammed online jewelry will help shorten the time that you spend looking for just the right piece. In fact, you may find yourself considering options that you never considered before. It is the type of jewelry that so many people enjoy whether they buy them as gifts for those they care about or for themselves.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Name Necklace May be the Best Gift You could Ever Give to Your…Sibling

When it comes to deciding which is the best gift for your special sibling, few have the impact of personalized jewelry. A person seeing their own name on piece of fine jewelry experiences feelings that they will never forget. This is especially true when it comes to fashion jewelry that they will wear for special occasions or for everyday use.

Few examples of this type of jewelry are better than a name necklace. For decades, necklaces that sport the name of the person have been worn as fashion and casual jewelry on a daily basis.

What is a Name Necklace?

Generally speaking, this is the type of necklace that features the name of the person who is wearing it. Name necklaces go back decades as fashionable form of advertising. However, it goes beyond just the name and turns it into a work of art. Name necklaces have been a “cool” item with kids for generations and adults enjoy them as well.

The necklace and pendant of the person’s name can be made from a wide variety of materials, although silver, gold, stainless steel and a wealth of gems often make up and decorate such jewelry. While there are various forms of name jewelry, necklaces are particularly sought after because they will be on display close to the heart.

Why Personalized Jewelry Makes the Best Gift

When it comes to having jewelry that is personalized by the name of the person, there are many reasons why this makes the best gift.


Thoughtfulness: This is not the type of jewelry that you can just pick up in the store on the way to your special someone’s birthday party. Instead, it has to be ordered in advance and often shipped in which means that the recipient will know that you were always thinking of them.
Universal Appeal: The name necklace is arguably one of the few pieces of jewelry that has great appeal to men, women, boys and girls. It is always fashionable and teenagers especially like wearing this type of jewelry.

Inexpensive: Of course, this will depend in large part on the materials that make up the necklace that you order. However, because the main emphasis is on the name itself, you can have a beautiful piece created with high quality materials at a low, affordable price.

                              Jazz name necklace

For many, the name necklace is the type of fashion jewelry that will be appreciated for a long time to come. It can be augmented with additional pendants, but the truth is that the simple, clean lines works quite well alone. As a gift, you can rest assured that it will be warmly received at the very least and maybe create some excitement as the person sees their own name as part of this beautiful piece of personalized jewelry.

When thinking of the right gift for that special sibling in your life, ordering a necklace with the name of that person emblazed on a pendant as part of the jewelry itself can have a very powerful impact. Pay a visit to our site and shop personalized jewelry online.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

An Initial Necklace Can Be A Cute Going Away Present For Your Female Friend in the Armed Forces

A personalized necklace not only comes handy for lovebirds but also to your friends who really matter in your life. Personalized jewelry makes the receiver feel special and loved. With a simple personalized necklace, your female friend in the army will not only feel appreciated but also indebted to you.

Why a Personalized Necklace for you Female Friend in the Armed Forces

While many people think that a personalized jewelry is a fad, there are a myriad benefits that are associated with a custom necklace. Unlike mass produced necklace pendants, buying custom necklaces is a surety of high quality. The popular belief is that personalized jewelry is expensive. However, with the high quality you get, they are the cheapest in the long run. Many online merchants offer gift wrapping and shipping services. The necklace will thus be shipped to your female friend in the army within a short time. As usual, ladies like fancy and unique things. Buying her a necklace with a custom pendant feels special to her and she will always have it.

When you buy a custom necklace, you are the designer. You will add all the special details you need for the necklace. This will depend on what your friend loves. If they love gold-plated pendants, then this is what you will get them. There is something stoking about a personalized jewelry for your female friend in the army, it shows that you took your time to pick the jewelry. There being no much fun in the army barracks, the necklace reminds them they are valued.

Choosing the Right Necklace

There are thousands of army necklaces to choose from but most have mass produced pendants inscribed some words about the army. Of course you do not want your friend to wear a necklace worn by a hundred other in the army barracks. First off, you consider what your friend likes and what she hates. What metal she likes; gold, silver or any other. Does she like birth stones? Consider the occasion. Is it her birthday, her wedding anniversary, her promotion, or its just a normal gift. A friendship gift will not be the same as a birthday gift.
personalized name necklace

Choosing the right company is key to having best quality necklace. If you buy from a renowned company, you are warranted of superior quality. You can choose chains from the merchant's directory and then specify the details of the pendant. If the merchant offers free shipping, the better.

You can specify how the gift should be wrapped and what note should be included in the gift package. Most online merchants deliver personalized jewelry gifts within one day. You can be sure that the gift will be a surprise to your friend. offers Personalized Jewelry

There are different pendant designs that you can get from this site including Sterling silver necklace, custom baby feet necklace, engraved bar necklace, sterling silver necklace, silver heart engraved, rose monogram custom necklace and many more. You can also specify your own design.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Personalized Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

This sterling silver bar necklace makes a perfect gift for yourself or for your someone you love. This personalized bar necklace is embedded with a Swarovski stone making it more beautiful and appealing to the eye. You may pick any birthstone that you wish to put on this personalized jewelry. Check out and see more personalized jewelry online. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Personalized Jewelry: 14K Solid Yellow Gold Two Finger Special Name Ring

Personalize your own name in this 14K Solid Yellow Gold Two Finger Special Name Ring and make this ring a piece of jewelry as unique as yourself! This fashionable two finger ring is hand made and available in lavish 14k solid yellow gold! 

How to determine your ring size? See our Jewelry sizing guide page today! You can also ask for a date / up to 8 letters engraving inside the ring FREE of charge.